hgsubversion hacking / delta-misc.diff

# HG changeset patch
# Date 1241122047 -7200

Miscellanious stuff in the editor...

diff --git a/ b/
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@
 import traceback
 from mercurial import context
+from mercurial import error
 from mercurial import hg
 from mercurial import ui
 from mercurial import util
@@ -459,6 +460,7 @@
         return {}
     def update_branch_tag_map_for_rev(self, revision):
+        our_util.describe_revision(self.ui, revision)
         paths = revision.paths
         added_branches = {}
         self.added_tags = {}
@@ -487,7 +489,7 @@
                         # exhaustion, and this may be the place to
                         # handle it.
                         if not from_tag:
-                            continue
+                            shouldignore = True
                             shouldtag = True
                             branch, src_rev = self.tags[from_tag]
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