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 # User Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen <>
 # Date 1323817678 -3600
 # Node ID 6b969673ca25c13f47117a9c5a0f4c9c9d9feedd
-# Parent  0cc046e3b3af81cda55617c59573b9d5b51a27e1
+# Parent 413de4b20f5df69230e1e1f39199951a3d0525b0
 svn verify: use a custom editor and get_revision()
 Previously, we would fetch each file in the revision/changeset
 single operation, verifying a revision from PyPy took 30 seconds
 rather than 30 minutes, and saturated my 10Mbps connection.
-In addition, flag corruption is now distinguished from data
-corruption. Other than that, the only difference should be that files
-appear to be visited in reverse order than previously.
+Please note that the output ordering isn't stable between the two;
+output will appear in reverse order when using the fast verifier.
 diff --git a/hgsubversion/ b/hgsubversion/
 --- a/hgsubversion/