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Default avatar Dan Gohman
Remove -disable-fast-isel. Use cl::boolOrDefault with -fast-isel
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Default avatar Eric Christopher
Fix disagreement about where the attributes are
Default avatar Tanya Lattner (Tanya Brethour)
Fix configure issue where configure
Default avatar Dan Gohman
Add MBB successors and physreg Uses in the same order that
Default avatar Dan Gohman
Avoid emitting redundant materializations of integer constants
Default avatar Dan Gohman
Instead of emitting an implicit use for the super-register of
Default avatar Jim Grosbach
Unconditional branch instruction encoding fix. Needs to use ABI, not AXI, to get the proper opcode bits.
Default avatar Jim Grosbach
need ARM.h for ARMCC definition
Default avatar Dan Gohman
Add a testcase for i256 add. i256 isn't fully supported in
Default avatar Owen Anderson
Add an option to enable StrongPHIElimination, for ease of testing.
Default avatar Jim Grosbach
Encode the conditional execution predicate when JITing.
Default avatar Dale Johannesen
Model hardwired inputs & outputs of x86 8-bit divides correctly.
Default avatar Andrew Lenharth
Use Dan's supperior check
Default avatar Andrew Lenharth
Correctly set attributes when removing args during cloning. Fixes PR2765
Default avatar Devang Patel
Improve function definition, call and invoke instruction docs.
Default avatar Jim Grosbach
Clarify naming and correct conditional so that CMP and CMN instructions get the Rn operand encoded properly
Default avatar Jim Grosbach
Fix Opcode values of CMP and CMN
Default avatar Andrew Lenharth
128 mul test, xfailed
Default avatar Andrew Lenharth
No need for |=
Default avatar Andrew Lenharth
Use ADDC if it is valid at any smaller size. Do it right this time
Default avatar Andrew Lenharth
Use ADDC if it is valid at any smaller size. fixes test/Codegen/Generic/i128-addsub.ll on x86
Default avatar Anders Carlsson
Certain patterns involving the "movss" instruction were marked as requiring SSE2, when in reality movss is an SSE1 instruction.
Default avatar Nuno Lopes
add support for running the test suite with valgrind. to run it just type 'make VG=1', as in clang
Default avatar Andrew Lenharth
Expand arith on machines without carry flags
matthijs avatarmatthijs
Add two forgotten </i>'s.
Default avatar Gabor Greif
fix filetype suffix
Default avatar Tanya Lattner (Tanya Brethour)
Advance version to 2.5
Default avatar Chris Lattner
no need to write the output to the disk
Default avatar Andrew Lenharth
Add test case for ADDC ADDE expansion
Default avatar Andrew Lenharth
Note that ADDC and company don't actually expand yet (missing in legalize
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