Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen  committed 397af59

adapt test to output to latest Mercurial

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File tests/test-prune.t

   working directory now at d62d843c9a01
   bookmark 'todelete' deleted
   $ hg id -ir dcbb326fdec2
-  abort: 00changelog.i@dcbb326fdec2*: no node! (glob)
+  abort: unknown revision 'dcbb326fdec2'!
   $ hg id -ir d62d843c9a01
   3 changesets pruned
   bookmark 'delete' deleted
   $ hg id -ir 6:2702dd0c91e7
-  abort: 00changelog.i@2702dd0c91e7*: no node! (glob)
+  abort: unknown revision '2702dd0c91e7'!