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prune: update inline documentation

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     sortedrevs = lambda specs: sorted(set(scmutil.revrange(repo, specs)))
         lock = repo.lock()
+        # defines pruned changesets
         precs = []
         for p in sortedrevs(revs):
             cp = repo[p]
         if not precs:
             raise util.Abort('nothing to prune')
-        else:
-            sucs = ()
+        # defines successors changesets
         sucs = tuple(repo[n] for n in sortedrevs(succs))
         if len(sucs) > 1 and len(precs) > 1:
             msg = "Can't use multiple successors for multiple precursors"
             raise util.Abort(msg)
-        markers = []
-        for p in precs:
-            markers.append((p, sucs))
-        createmarkers(repo, markers)
+        # create markers
+        createmarkers(repo, [(p, sucs) for p in precs])
         # informs that changeset have been pruned
         ui.status(_('%i changesets pruned\n') % len(precs))
         # update to an unkilled parent
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