Pierre-Yves David committed 789acc1

evolve: drop "troubles" and "troubled" method now in core

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     if ui.config('alias', 'odiff', None) is None:
         ui.setconfig('alias', 'odiff', "diff --hidden --rev 'limit(precursors(.),1)' --rev .")
-# - "troubles" method on changectx
-@eh.addattr(context.changectx, 'troubles')
-def troubles(ctx):
-    """Return a tuple listing all the troubles that affect a changeset
-    Troubles may be "unstable", "bumped" or "divergent".
-    """
-    troubles = []
-    if ctx.unstable():
-        troubles.append('unstable')
-    if ctx.bumped():
-        troubles.append('bumped')
-    if ctx.divergent():
-        troubles.append('divergent')
-    return tuple(troubles)
 ### Troubled revset symbol
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