Pierre-Yves David committed 8964631 Merge

merge with fix in 2.3

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     ret = orig(ui, repo, *args, **kwargs)
     nbunstable = len(getrevs(repo, 'unstable'))
     nbbumped = len(getrevs(repo, 'bumped'))
-    nbdivergent = len(getrevs(repo, 'unstable'))
+    nbdivergent = len(getrevs(repo, 'divergent'))
     write('unstable: %i changesets\n', nbunstable)
     write('bumped: %i changesets\n', nbbumped)
     write('divergent: %i changesets\n', nbdivergent)


   $ hg log -r 'divergent()'
   2:82623d38b9ba A_1
   3:392fd25390da A_2
+  $ hg summary -v
+  parent: 0:d20a80d4def3 
+   base
+  branch: default
+  commit: (clean)
+  update: 3 new changesets (update)
+  unstable: 0 changesets
+  bumped: 0 changesets
+  divergent: 2 changesets
 check that mercurial refuse to push


   commit: 1 deleted, 2 unknown (clean)
   update: 4 new changesets, 4 branch heads (merge)
   unstable: 1 changesets
-  divergent: 1 changesets
   $ qlog
   - 909a0fb57e5d
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