Author Commit Message Date Builds
Pierre-Yves David
readlinks does not do what we wnat on BSD
Pierre-Yves David
evolve: update rebase usage to match 2.3
Pierre-Yves David
obsolete: fix error in cache invalidation
Alain Leufroy
[obsolete] fix new api: be more flexible on rebase's buildstate signature Introduced by `d1afbf03e69a@mercurial <>`_
Alain Leufroy
[obsolete] fix new api: use the new phase cache api Introduced by `b6081c2c4647@mercurial <>`_
David Douard
[qsync] abort properly of a patches repository does not exists
Damien Garaud
[doc] Specify that tuto hg configuration is used for testing.
David Douard
qsync: fix mq commit message generation A CR was missing when both applied and ready to review patches are generated during a single qsync.
Pierre-Yves David
[doc] changes location of repo We now have a "stable" repo on bitbucket and a dev repo on logilab hg lab.
change version definition
doc: idea about OnDisk Storage
doc: add the RoadMap
[doc] add Question and Answer about Obsolet Marker Implementation
fix typo in file name
[doc] change doc generation directory
[doc] add good practice section
[doc] fix unstable code block
Pierre-Yves David
[readme] fix stupid typo
Pierre-Yves David
more read me update
Pierre-Yves David
update README
[doc] fix tutorial warning
[doc] add `.t` to `.rst` converteur Update make file accordingly.
[doc] fix bad include
[doc] add a simple make file
Benoît Allard
docs: proof-read and review
Pierre-Yves David
restore unstability content
Pierre-Yves David
less verbose table
Pierre-Yves David
[doc] update tutorial text.
Nicolas Chauvat
proof-read documentation and docstrings
doc: several update and review.
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