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set marshal dump version to 0
two small cleanups

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 # Mercurial extension to push to and pull from Perforce depots.
-# Copyright 2009-12 Frank Kingswood <>
+# Copyright 2009-13 Frank Kingswood <>
 # This software may be used and distributed according to the terms of the
 # GNU General Public License version 2, incorporated herein by reference.
             if value is None:
                 value = d
-                raise util.Abort(_('p4 returned more than one object'))
+                raise util.Abort(_('p4 %s returned more than one object') % cmd)
         if value is None:
            raise util.Abort(_('p4 %s returned no objects') % cmd)
         return value
         # write changelist data to a temporary file
         tmp = TempFile('wb')
-        marshal.dump(changelist, tmp.File)
+        marshal.dump(changelist, tmp.File, 0)
         # update p4 changelist
         if hasattr(self.ui, 'progress'):
             self.ui.progress('p4 fstat', None)
-        self.ui.note('%d files \n' % len(result))
+        self.ui.note(_('%d files \n') % len(result))
         return result