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Welcome to PyGUI

This is an experimental Python GUI framework. The ultimate aim of this project is to create a GUI package worthy of becoming the standard GUI for Python -- truly Pythonic, fully documented in Python terms, implemented on all the major platforms, and, ideally, distributed with Python itself, so that one may write GUI applications that work with any Python installation, anywhere.

Three implementations are provided in this version:

  • MacOSX - requires PyObjC
  • Linux - requires pygtk
  • Windows - requires pywin32 and ctypes

This package is still under development. The basic set of widgets is more or less complete, and will probably be expanded in the future.

To install it, either do 'python install' to install it in your Python site directory, or put the directory containing the GUI directory on your PYTHONPATH.

To get started with it, have a look at the documentation starting with Doc/index.html, and the example applications in the Demos directory. You may also find it instructive to study the programs in the Tests directory, although some of them are not written in the best style.

License: This is free software. You are welcome to use it however you want.

Please send comments, questions, suggestions and bug reports to:

Discussion is also welcome on the comp.lang.python newsgroup.

At the time of writing, the latest version of PyGUI is available from:

Have fun,

Gregory Ewing