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// General notes

VMKit is the composition of three libraries:
1) MVM: mostly a garbage collector
2) JnJVM: a Java Virtual Machine implemented with MVM and LLVM
3) N3: a CLI implementation with MVM and LLVM

JnJVM and N3 work on Linux/x86 and Darwin/x86 (note that you may have to
disable SSE on some architecture), and mostly work on Linux/PPC (there are
some errors with floating points).

JnJVM and N3 use GCC's unwinding library (

These are the options you should pass to the ./configure script
--with-llvmsrc: the source directory of LLVM
--with-llvmobj: the object directory of LLVM
--with-gnu-classpath-libs: GNU classpath libraries
--with-gnu-classpath-glibj: GNU classpath
--with-pnet-local-prefix: the local build of PNET
--with-pnetlib: PNET's mscorlib.dll

There's also [experimental]:
--with-gc: user either boehm or single-mmap
--with-mono: Mono's mscorlib.dll

Running make on the root tree will produce three "tools":
1) Debug|Release/bin/jnjvm: running the JnJVM like any other JVM.
2) Debug|Release/bin/n3-pnetlib: running N3 like CLR.
2) Debug|Release/bin/vmkit: shell-like vm launcher.

JnJVM and N3 have their own README notes.

// Target specific LLVM patches (not required)

If you experience problems, you can apply the patches for your corresponding 
arch. I'd be interested to get some info on your specific problem if the 
patch fixes it.

Patch for PowerPC:
- Bugfix for handling some external symbols (FIXME: does this still happen?)
- Thread safety when doing native code patching (TODO: submit to llvm-dev)
- CFI instructions for callbacks (TODO: find a correct macro to enable this)
- Emit a hand-made frame table for stubs (TODO: submit to llvm-dev)

Patch for X86
- Disable SSE (It can sigsegv on some x86 archs. Having test cases would be 
- Enable CFI instructions for callbacks (TODO: find a correct macro to enable
  by default)

// TODOs

- A compiler/system dependency interface