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// General notes

VMKit is the composition of three libraries:
1) MVM: threads, GCs, and JIT interface
2) J3: a Java Virtual Machine implemented with MVM and LLVM
3) N3: a CLI implementation with MVM and LLVM

These are the options you should pass to the ./configure script
--with-llvmsrc: the source directory of LLVM
--with-llvmobj: the object directory of LLVM
--with-gnu-classpath-libs: GNU classpath libraries
--with-gnu-classpath-glibj: GNU classpath glibj.zip
--with-pnet-local-prefix: the local build of PNET
--with-pnetlib: PNET's mscorlib.dll
--with-mono: Mono's mscorlib.dll
--with-gc: use either gc-mmap or MMTk (requires --with-llvmgcc)

Running make on the root tree will produce the following "tools":
1) Debug|Release/bin/j3: running the J3 like any other JVM.
2) Debug|Release/bin/n3-pnetlib: running N3 like CLR.
2) Debug|Release/bin/vmkit: shell-like vm launcher.
2) Debug|Release/bin/vmjc: ahead of time compiler for .class files.

J3 also has a README note.
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