This project is based on the concept I used to aggregate Links, Posts, Episodes, etc for This Week In Django's rss feed.

I initially implemented a more "reusable" version of it on my old, personal blog howiworkdaily. Compared to what I used for TWiD. Since I'm soon migrating off my own custom blog engine, I thought it would be a good idea to clean up the code, refactor, and make it available for reuse.

Next up is making it further extensible for custom ProxyBase child classes.

Current implementation example:

from django.db import models from django_proxy.signals import proxy_save, proxy_delete ...

class Post(models.model):
(1, _('Draft')), (2, _('Public')),


title = models.CharField(max_length=150) body = models.TextField() tag_data = TagField()

status = models.IntegerField(_('status'), choices=STATUS_CHOICES, default=2)
class ProxyMeta:

title = 'title' description = 'body'

tags = 'tag_data' active = {'status':2}

signals.post_save.connect(proxy_save, Post, True) signals.post_delete.connect(proxy_delete, Post)