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Issue #9 resolved
Alexander Hanel created an issue

The wrapper function is identifying dynamic functions as wrapper functions. The below example is an example.

.text:0042FB95 RegQueryValueExW_w proc near            ; DATA XREF: __imp_memset_2+57o
.text:0042FB95                 mov     ecx, [ecx+18h]
.text:0042FB98                 mov     eax, [ecx]
.text:0042FB9A                 call    dword ptr [eax]
.text:0042FB9C                 xor     ecx, ecx
.text:0042FB9E                 test    al, al
.text:0042FBA0                 setnz   cl
.text:0042FBA3                 lea     eax, [ecx-1]
.text:0042FBA6                 retn
.text:0042FBA6 RegQueryValueExW_w endp

The following check will fix this

if self.idaproxy.GetOperandValue(i_ea,0) == 0: # Not a valid address
        nr_calls = nr_calls + 2

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