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# JSON decoding hooks by Mike Brennan / Stack Overflow

This module allows using the Python json module for parsing JSON data and
decoding strings in UTF-8 instead of Unicode, resulting in ability to use str functions (e.g. for sorting)

def decode_list(data):
    rv = []
    for item in data:
        if isinstance(item, unicode):
            item = item.encode('utf-8')
        elif isinstance(item, list):
            item = decode_list(item)
        elif isinstance(item, dict):
            item = decode_dict(item)
    return rv

def decode_dict(data):
    rv = {}
    for key, value in data.iteritems():
        if isinstance(key, unicode):
            key = key.encode('utf-8')
        if isinstance(value, unicode):
            value = value.encode('utf-8')
        elif isinstance(value, list):
            value = decode_list(value)
        elif isinstance(value, dict):
            value = decode_dict(value)
        rv[key] = value
    return rv