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Marat Bediev
created an issue

tools -> build for *.go files just running command shell without any command.. just shell

on this shell evn's customized in .sublime-project doesn't work :'(

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  1. Daniele Niero repo owner

    You must give me some more details than just "it doesn't work".

    First thing, I never coded in Go, so you must guide me a little bit here. Second thing you need to elaborate a little more about "just running without any command... just shell"

    If you provide a test case that I can reproduce, I will be more than happy to look into it.

  2. Daniele Niero repo owner

    Actually I went head and do some test by my own.

    I installed Go on my system and created a custom build for it:

        "selector": "source.go",
        "shell_cmd": "go run \"$file\"",
        "shell": true

    This successfully print out environment variables set with EnvironmentSettings. For example:

    package main
    import "os"
    import "fmt"
    func main() {
        fmt.Println("MyVar:", os.Getenv("MyVar"))

    Obviously change "MyVar" with one of your variables. As said, no problem at all.

    However if you made or installed on Sublime a builder that does something different, like overriding your variables with some settings, like this (the official) plugin seems to do, then obviously EnvironmentSettings can do very little for you, but in this case the problem is in the builder itself, not in EnvironmentSettings.

    Hope it helps.

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