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Added a hint to call configure() and installation tips.

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    You can adapt this file completely to your liking, but it should at least
    contain the root `toctree` directive.
 Welcome to ConfigViper
 .. code-block:: python
     from configviper import ConfigViper
+    ConfigViper.configure()
     conf = ConfigViper()
     conf.set('a/b/c', 'd')
-And the JSON file will looks like:
+And the JSON file will looks like (``~/.configviper/configviper.json``):
 .. code-block:: json
 #. Small and simple to be written by me (so anyone can use/contribute and/or
    point my faults).
+Install ConfigViper using ``pip install ConfigViper`` command. If you downloaded
+the sources from `PyPI`_ go to ``ConfigViper-<version>`` directory and type
+``python setup.py install`` command. You can also get the sources from
+`BitBucket`_ repository (you will need `Mercurial SCM`_ installed on your
+    hg clone https://bitbucket.org/danielgoncalves/configviper
 Indices and tables
 .. _`Python`: http://www.python.org/
 .. _`JSON`: http://www.json.org/
+.. _`PyPI`: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/ConfigViper
+.. _`BitBucket`: http://www.bitbucket.org/
+.. _`Mercurial SCM`: http://mercurial.selenic.com/