Git Fix Um

A Choose Your Own Adventure Style Guide to Fixing Git Merge Issues

Not affiliated with Chooseco, LLC's "Choose Your Own Adventure"ⓡ. Good books, but a little light on the details of recovering from git merge errors to my taste.


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Map and trailguide

  • start
  • changeFix
    • badMerge
    • badRebase
    • committed
    • reallyCommitted
      • pushed
      • restoreFile
      • newMerge
      • simpleNew
      • fixIt
      • branchNewMerge
      • old
      • unpushed
      • discardUnpushed
      • replaceUnpushed
      • fixUnpushed
        • changeLast
        • removeLast
        • updateLast
        • reworkLast
        • removeLast
        • undoTip
        • changeDeep
        • removeDeep
        • modifyDeep
          • bulkRewrite
          • filterBranch
          • bfg
          • singleDeepChange
          • singleDeepMerge
          • singleDeepSimple
        • restoreFile
        • moveCommit
    • everythingUncommitted
    • uncommittedCommit
    • uncommitted
    • everythingUncommitted
    • somethingsUncommitted
    • uncommittedCommit
  • lostAndFound