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Issue #10 resolved

Height of bars in BarChart correct

Stefan Barth
created an issue

I used the BarGraph and was wondering why the height of the bars were so small. I think its a failure in class BarGraph on line 111, where the maximum height will be calculated.

Instead of:

for (Bar p : points) {
       maxValue += p.getValue();

shouldnt it be:

for (Bar p : points) {
       if(p.getValue() > maxValue) {
               maxValue = p.getValue();

I fixed this in my library project and after that the height of the bars uses the full height of the bar graph

Comments (4)

  1. Stefan Barth reporter

    I have seen another problem with this, maybe it can help you :) When the highest bar was touched it gets an selected border, but the top isn't visible because of the maxValue/usableHeight. I reduced the maxValue by 5% or what else can help is to reduce the pixel for usableHeight :)

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