Move Repo over to Github

Issue #16 wontfix
Sheharyar Naseer
created an issue

Well, I don't need to explain why this is a good idea, but still, here are some of the perks:

  • Github is awesome
  • All developers prefer GH over BB
  • Larger community, more people will contribute
  • Analytics for your repo
  • Free GitHub Pages
  • So much more...

You will NOT regret this.


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  1. Sheharyar Naseer reporter

    Let me add that people have already forked your project and are taking "Stars" for your work. Their contributions should have been merged with your repo (as pull requests). One could argue that they could have done the same here on BB, but this was an example of how people DO prefer code on Github over Bitbucket.

    I create issues because I care. I really love this project and want to see it get better and better.

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