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PieSlice class setTitle() method doesn't work

Anonymous created an issue

When I'm trying to add a title to PieSlice it doesn't work.

Slice slice = new PieSlice(); slice.setTitle("asdf");

Please fix it asap.

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  1. Wolfram Rittmeyer

    Istvan Fodor I was planning on adding some scale for the y axis of linegraphs anyway.

    Meaning: I would first add an y axis (some kind of hasYAxis boolean flag). Then I would add some grey hairlines across the graph (maybe also switchable with a flag).

    I'm not yet sure about the algorithm for those hairlines, though. How many or what kind of spacing between them. It highly depends on the y values, of course.

    Now I could also add some numbers next to the y asis so that the values of those lines get clear.

    Would that help?

    Alas, since I'm busy this week, that's most probably something for the next weekend.

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