PieGraph not appearing like in example screenshot

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Ankush Gupta
created an issue

In the example screenshot for the PieGraph, the slices are shown as being equally thick throughout. When I use the PieGraph as shown in the example, I get a chart that has slices with the proper arc lengths, but with the shaded portion simply being a straight line connecting the endpoints of the arc.

Weird PieGraph vs. Expected PieGraph

Additionally, is it possible to have the slices actually be slices (i.e., go all the way into the middle) instead of thick line segments? How would that be accomplished?

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  1. Daniel Nadeau repo owner

    This is most likely due to the size of the PieGraph you are using. It seems quite small. This library was neither designed to scale down to that size, nor to have the slices reach the middle (that's just a normal pie graph :P ).

    If you want to make a few changes to scale it down and it works, be my guest. I will review the code. However, a merge won't be made to make the slices down to the centre.

    Thanks :)

  2. Daniel Nadeau repo owner

    Too small was the issue... if you want to fix this, submit a pull request, but really I don't think its that much of an issue, I don't think many will use the graph in such a small size.

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