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can't show title in PieGraph

Anonymous created an issue

i'm trying to use the pie graph and it works very good but i can't use the title for each slice

PieSlice slice = new PieSlice(); slice.setColor(resources.getColor(R.color.green_light)); slice.setSelectedColor(resources.getColor(R.color.red)); slice.setValue(2); slice.setTitle("first"); pg.addSlice(slice);

slice.setTitle("first"); -- this line of the code not working...

how can i use title in the pie graph?

Comments (4)

  1. Scott baar

    What do you expect setTitle to do?

    It is only there for you to identify that slice later, the name is never displayed on screen. Take a look at the sample. The only time the title is displayed is in a toast when the slice is clicked.

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