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The Phantom SPH code wiki

Welcome to the Phantom wiki. If you use or develop Phantom, please contribute to the wiki


Phantom is available under the GPLv3 licence.
Please cite the code paper and other relevant methods papers if you use Phantom in print.

Basic info

Phantom + git - how to get a copy
Getting started guide - your first calculation
Getting started guide - Ozstar | Monarch | Pawsey supercomputing centre | NCI/raijin supercomputer | DiAL/DiRAC
Using phantom on a personal laptop
How to use only stable code releases

User guide

Release notes
Frequently Asked Questions
Compile-time options
Runtime options
Initial conditions/writing your own setup module
Submitting to a SLURM/PBS/Sun Grid Engine queue
Performing parameter sweeps
Post-simulation analysis
Modifying phantom dump files before continuing execution
List of phantom utilities

Physics guides

Computing accretion rates onto sinks/central objects
How to set up and run a common envelope binary simulation
How to set up and relax a star, do something to it, and carry on
How to simulate a tidal disruption event
Running the dust settling test

Developer guide

Developer guidelines
Test your changes before pushing
Reproducing failures from the bitbucket pipeline on your own machine
How to incorporate external binary or ascii data files into the Phantom repo
Making a stable phantom release
Sort particles by radius
HDF5 output (experimental feature)

External utilities

Using MCFOST to generate synthetic images from phantom data
Using imorbel to fit orbital arcs
Getting started on Fortree

Nightly tests

Nightly build results