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  3. Sublime Text TypoScript


Based on the work by Enrique Moreno Tent on Github.


  • Some additional keywords like FLUIDTEMPLATE.
  • Added the ability to comment and uncomment via Sublime Text functionality (menu and keyboard).

Supported files

The package will apply the syntax to *.ts files.
You can create your own rules using the ApplySyntax package with this configuration:

    "syntaxes": [
            "name": "TypoScript/TypoScript",
            "rules": [
                {"file_name": ".*\\\\ext_conf_template\\.txt$"},
                {"file_name": ".*\\\\ext_typoscript_(setup|constants)\\.txt$"},
                {"file_name": ".*\\\\(setup|constants)\\.txt$"}

Thanks at Philipp Kitzberger for the hint.