Just some abstractions and extensions over Fleck; a WebSocket server


Fleck.Extended is licensed under MIT.

Getting started

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1): All feature- and possibly fix branches should be created from "develop":

git checkout -B myfeature develop

git checkout -B fix-ofsomething develop

If you want it remote, push it:

git push -u origin myfeature

2): When committed and done with your work, rebase against "develop", when in "myfeature" or "fix-ofsomething":

git rebase develop

3): Then merge into "develop", using no-ff:

git checkout develop
git merge --no-ff myfeature

4): If you are satisfied, push your changes upstream:

git push

5): Then drop your working branch: "myfeature", "fix-ofsomething"

git branch -d myfeature

if you have created a remote branch, drop that by:

git push origin :myfeature

6): Pad your self on the shoulder and move on to the next feature or fix ;-)