Flask-Kickstart is a simple Paster template to help you get started with a minimum Flask+SQLAlchemy application. It also includes a default layout and the HTML5 Boilerplate and 960 grid system frameworks as well as jQuery.

This template is VERY opinionated. It's really for my own use. Feel free to modify and add new templates to meet your tastes and needs better.

It also includes some extensions I use a lot, basic tests, and basic authentication code, including a User model. You can (and probably will) modify all of this in the course of your projects.

Getting started

  1. Make a virtualenv for your project.

  2. Download and install this package.

  3. In your projects directory, run:

    paster create -t kickstart myproject
  4. A new package, "myproject", will now be created.

  5. cd into myproject and run develop.

  6. Have fun !