CSRF fails if there are only FileFields in the form

Issue #7 resolved
David Baumgold
created an issue

In <<changeset 119448003262>>, a change was introduced to make CSRF validation only happen if there was formdata. However, for a form with only a FileField, this change seems to cause CSRF validation to fail. Maybe it would make sense for validation to be skipped when there is no formdata -- //maybe// -- but it shouldn't fail.

An example form: {{{


class UploadForm(wtf.Form): sheet = wtf.FileField('Character Sheet') submit = wtf.SubmitField("Upload") }}}

Perhaps there should be a configurable setting for whether or not forms without formdata should be CSRF validated?

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  1. Dan Jacob repo owner

    I've committed a change which checks for not just formdata but also request.files.

    The example uploadr app works fine (it consists of just the single file field, plus CSRF).

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