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moved modules into app setup

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 from flaskext.principal import Principal, identity_loaded
 from newsmeme import helpers
+from newsmeme import views
 from newsmeme.config import DefaultConfig
 from newsmeme.models import User, Tag
 from newsmeme.helpers import render_template
 __all__ = ["create_app"]
 DEFAULT_APP_NAME = "newsmeme"
+    (views.frontend, ""),
+    (, "/post"),
+    (views.user, "/user"),
+    (views.comment, "/comment"),
+    (views.account, "/acct"),
+    (views.feeds, "/feeds"),
+    (views.openid, "/openid"),
+    (views.api, "/api"),
-def create_app(config=None, app_name=None):
+def create_app(config=None, app_name=None, modules=None):
     if app_name is None:
         app_name = DEFAULT_APP_NAME
+    if modules is None:
+        modules = DEFAULT_MODULES
     app = Flask(app_name)
     configure_app(app, config)
     # configure_after_handlers(app)
-    configure_modules(app)
+    configure_modules(app, modules)
     return app
     app.config.from_envvar('APP_CONFIG', silent=True)
-def configure_modules(app):
+def configure_modules(app, modules):
-    for module, url_prefix in app.config['MODULES']:
+    for module, url_prefix in modules:
         app.register_module(module, url_prefix=url_prefix)


     :license: BSD, see LICENSE for more details.
-from newsmeme import views
 class DefaultConfig(object):
     CACHE_TYPE = "simple"
-    MODULES = (
-        (views.frontend, ""),
-        (, "/post"),
-        (views.user, "/user"),
-        (views.comment, "/comment"),
-        (views.account, "/acct"),
-        (views.feeds, "/feeds"),
-        (views.openid, "/openid"),
-        (views.api, "/api"),
-    )
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