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 <h2>The House Rules</h2>
     <li>Pornographic content, or linking directly to pornographic content, is <strong>banned</strong>.</li>
-    <li>There is a zero-tolerance policy towards rascism, homophobia, and religious bigotry.</li>
+    <li>There is a zero-tolerance policy towards racism, homophobia, and religious bigotry.</li>
     <li>Illegal content, or linking to sites providing illegal torrents or other downloads, is forbidden.</li>
     <li>Spammers will not be tolerated. </li>
     <li>Swearing is OK, but not personal insults. Show common courtesy to fellow users.</li>


     {% if == %}
     <a href="{{ url_for("account.edit") }}">edit your account</a> 
     {% elif g.user %}
+    {% if g.user.is_friend(user) %}
+    <h3>{{ _("You are friends with %(name)s", name=user.username) }}</h3>
+    {% endif %}
     <span id="follow" {% if g.user.is_following(user) %} style="display:none;"{% endif %}>
         <a href="#" onclick="newsmeme.ajax_post('{{ url_for("account.follow", }}'); return false;">{{ _("follow") }} {{ user.username }}</a>