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tentative non-field errors handling

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         self.errors = {} = {}
+        self.non_field_errors = []
         if defaults:
         Returns all errors in a single list.
-        errors = []
+        errors = self.non_field_errors[:]
         for node in self.schema:
             errors += self.errors_for(
         return errors


         request.method = "POST"
         form = Form(request, SimpleColanderSchema())
-        form.errors = {"name" : u"Name is missing",
-                       "value" : u"Value is missing"}
+        form.errors = {"name" : u"Name is missing",}
+        form.non_field_errors.append(u"Value is missing")
         self.assert_(form.all_errors() == [
+            u"Value is missing",
             u"Name is missing"])
     def test_errors_for(self):
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