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First time doing this hopefully not breaking any "rules/culture". Just updated to 0.6.1 and am trying out the tutorial (index.rst). The below gives me an error on "from validators...", ImportError: No module named validators

from pyramid.view import view_config

from validators import Schema, validators

If I replace validators with formencode I can proceed. I downloaded the simplesite demo and searched it, it also imported validators from formencode.

A few more items under def add(self): defaults={"name" : "..."}) #has an extra trailing ), needs a comma

return dict(renderer=FormRenderer(form)) #needs to be indented

In (just got simplesite from bitbucket): There are four config.add_handler statements cause an error. Looks like we need to install pyramid_handlers and add config.include('pyramid_handlers') to the project's and change the import in

from pyramid.view import action to

from pyramid_handlers import action

I think that was everything, the page is showing up...


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  1. Dan Jacob repo owner

    I've fixed the syntax errors in the example snippet in the docs. The latest version has also been updated to PyPi:

    The simplesite code was quite old. Handlers were removed from Pyramid core and placed in a separate pyramid_handlers package, so any recent Pyramid install will of course not work. I've updated the example to use the more recent handlers configuration.

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