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MilestoneVersionRelease Date
Albatross0.1January 26, 2011


A miniature game inside a larger game.
individual minigame
A minigame played by a single player.
simultaneous minigame
Each player playing a separate instance of identical minigames.
group minigame
A minigame that incorporates all players in a competition.
The reason you are playing the minigames. The "game" will have a motive such as winning or highscore.


Aviary Arena is a minigame party game made for computer.

Unsorted Ideas

Each player is a bird. (bluejay, cardinal, gold finch, parakeet, blackbird, pigeon)


Minigame wiki page


Main menu

  • Multiplayer
  • Solo
  • Options
  • Exit

Controller Select

  • grid of vertical colors
  • 4-8 horizontal rows for 4 keyboards and each gamepad connected
  • one player per vertical column at a time
  • the column you are in chooses your bird


The idea is that all of these control schemes can be played with one hand on the keyboard while keeping keyboard layout portability. This minimizes the required hands to be crammed into the keyboard area in the absence of gamepads.

  • Player 1:
    • arrow keys + right control
  • Player 2:
    • wasd + left control
  • Player 3:
    • hbnm + spacebar
  • Player 4:
    • numpad 8456 + numpad 0
  • All players can be overridden by a gamepad.

Options Menu

  • Fullscreen toggle
  • Sound effects volume slider
  • Music volume slider
  • Remap keys (for foreign people)
  • Minigame gallery
    • Minigame toggle
    • Thumbnail view



  • 1 player
  • single player high score game
  • Player gets a life bar
  • individual minigames only. Lose a life for each individual minigame lost.


  • 2-4 players
  • last one standing game
  • Each player gets a life bar
  • individual/simultaneous minigames followed by regular intervals of group minigames. Lose a life for each individual/simultaneous minigame lost, gain a life if you win the group minigame.


  • 2-4 players
  • last one standing game with a task
  • Each player (insert game idea here). Individual/simultaneous minigames followed by regular intervals of group minigames. Each group minigame won rewards the winner by making everybody else's game task harder.
    • People that lose the game task are eliminated, but still get to annoy the people still participating by walking on top of the screen (or other thiings).

Team Battle

  • 4 players (2 teams of 2)
  • team game
  • Individual/simultaneous minigames.
  • Players have a partner they share a life with. And the metagame is a team task.
    • Team metagame is a race where the win streak you have makes it easier.
    • The players must in turn press the key shown. A missed key will pause time.
      • Player1 must hit left, player 2 must hit right, player 1 must hit up, etc
      • Player1 hits right, their progress pauses, player 2 hits right, team progresses, player 1 hits up, progresses, etc
    • First team to the finish line wins.
    • The bigger the win streak, the less varied the buttons are.


Play a party game
Play a solo game
Play with 4 people4's a party
Play for 4 hours
Death to infidelsShoot 2 civilians
Cramped Much?4 Players on keyboard
Play every minigame
Play with 4 gamepads
Lose 5 minigames in a row
Win 10 minigames in a row
Choose already!Idle on the main menu for 10 minutes
WTF are you trying to do?!Press F5
Who's laughing now?Shoot the dog in Duck Hunt