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Blazing fast chemical based meta-simulator, GPL licensed

Recent activity

Danilo Pianini

Danilo Pianini pushed 3 commits to danysk/Alchemist

a80f7f0 - Improve Exponential random quality using 64bit randoms
ed7c7c0 - Do not kill threads in Mapsforge if RuntimeExceptions are thrown
b74379e - Rename SAPEREPerspective in Perspective. Is completely incarnation-agnostic already.
Danilo Pianini

Danilo Pianini pushed 21 commits to danysk/Alchemist

a2f52c9 - Remove useless non-javadoc comments in AbstractCondition
f20ad5e - Remove old Test
b32c3ac - Clean up old code in MapUtils and related classes, improve memory usage, introduce routing system cache
45b0eb1 - Remove serialization support in FastReadWriteLock (locks should not be serialized)
977a330 - Create MaxSizeHashMap
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