Welcome to Alchemist!

For more information, read the Maven-based documentation at:

Alchemist is licensed under GPLv3 with an exception for linking,
meaning that it can combined with non-GPL code without putting that
code under GPL.  See file LICENSE for details.

In an entirely separate suggeestion with no legal / copyright
implications, the authors suggest that, if you like Alchemist and
encounter them in a bar, they'd appreciate it if you would buy them a


If you are a developer, here is how to bootstrap your installation:

1. You will need to have Eclipse Luna or greater and Java 1.8 or greater

2. Using Eclipse, install the Eclipse Marketplace plugin (which is no
   longer distributed by default).  (This can often by done via
   "Install New Software" in the Help menu)

3. Using Marketplace, find and install the following plugins:

   - "Maven Integration for Eclipse"
     This should give you at least the m2e plugin, and possibly others

   - Xtext 2.6.0 or greater

   - MercurialEclipse (optional but strongly recommended)

   - Checkstyle plug-in (required to deal with missing dependencies in Xtext)

4. Set up your project

   - If you have not yet closed the repository, use "Mercurial",
     "Clone Existing Mercurial Repository" to obtain your copy from:

  - Use "Import...", "General", "Existing Projects into Workspace"
    and select your root directory.  Search for nested projects, and
    import the whole set of projects.  Some are controlled by Maven
    and should show up with a little "M" on the project.

5. Right-click on the rook "Alchemist" project, select "Maven", 
   "Update Project" and let Maven resynchronize itself with all of the 
   project components.

6. Wait for a while as Maven imports, downloading a bunch of jar files

   - If Maven fails to resolve a dependency, you may need to force it to
     re-update, by right-clicking on the alchemist project and doing
     "Maven" "Update Project"

7. Wait for everything to build.  There may be a bunch of errors,
   transiently, which resolve themselves as the project builds.

8. Next, we're going to test that things have correctly installed...

Test that everything has installed correctly by running
   "alchemist.language.protosim.ui", which should start a new
   eclipse which has support for running Proto programs