This is an entry for the "Spooky Wooky" Arch Jam on 29/10/2015 - made using Unity 5.2.2

Spooky Wookie is an audio based jump-scare maze game where you have to walk through the dark forest of Endor to the bunker armed only with a torch, & avoid the wookies hunting you using just the power of hearing and the gift of 3D sound!!

To be honest, it's not much of a of a game but you may find it amusing - it was certainly fun to make ;)

Feel free to (ab)use the code in this repository as you see fit, I wrote this code & built the scene in an 8 hour game jam (plus a little post-match polishing) so it's probably a bit of a mess in places.

Though you should feel free to ask me questions about it, I will not be supporting it officially & reserve the right not to get back to you (I'm a busy person, sorry).

Credit would be nice if you use it but ultimately I don't mind either way. Similarly if, for example, you use it in a game that makes you rich, you should feel free to buy me a Nissan GT-R or similar or not. No biggie.


Spooky Wookie is a darbotron production, directed by darbotron, and starring darbotron as Alex 'darbotron' Darby.

3D modelling & moral support Gaby-in-Wonderland.

Potentially copyrighted images and audio legitimately mined from the public internet by L.Calrissian Data Procurement Enterprises Ltd. and used under fair use.

No droids were harmed in the making of this game.