Sublime-meta is a simple plugin for Sublime Text 2 that allows the user to execute python code or shell commands from a buffer and capture the output.


Sublime-meta comes with two commands: meta_exec_shell and meta_exec_python. Neither take any arguments.

  • meta_exec_python command will execute the selected text as Python code. Because of the unfortunate way in which Python handles expressions vs. statements, meta_exec_python will not normally replace the selection with any output; the code will be evaluated only for its side-effects. Note: To replace the selected python code with its result evaluated as an expression, the final computation must be wrapped in observe(), e.g.,

        def plus_one(n):
            return n + 1
  • meta_exec_shell command will execute the selected text as a subprocess and – if the subprocess does not return an error – replace the selection with the output. Errors will be printed to the Sublime Text 2 console.

Both commands work with multiple selections.


Default Keymaps

Both commands are available as keymappings under a similar scheme:

  • meta_exec_python - key chord "super+k", "super+m", "super+p"

  • meta_exec_shell - key chord "super+k", "super+m", "super+s"

Command Palette

Both commands are available under the command palette. Generally, mp and ms serve as good shortcuts once the palette has been opened.