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Issue #9 new

Non-Standard Event Firing?

Chris Thomas
created an issue

When I tab away from the grid the FocusRowLeaving event occurs even though the highlighted row has not changed. Similalry I get the FocusRowEntered event when tabbing back to the grid and I then click back on the highlighted row.

Normally, I would expect a Grid_LostFocus when the grid loses focus and a Grid_GotFocus when receiving focus (i.e. events that relate to the grid itself), but the FocusRowEntered/Leaving events only when the current row of the Grid actually changes.

The implications are that any code I have against the two FocusRow* events is executed unnecessarily and affects performance of the grid.

Comments (1)

  1. Darius Damalakas repo owner

    IMO, when you tab-out away from grid, not only grid loses the focus, but the row as well. And the cell too. That's why you'll get several on-focus leave /get events fired

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