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Wilderness Bug Report Guidelines

Before Submitting

If you find an issue and want to submit it, please search the current issues here first to prevent duplicate bug reports. If your issue has already been submitted, please vote on it so it is brought to our attention sooner. Also, make sure you are running the latest version of the game so that we know it's a current bug.

While Submitting

When creating a new issue, provide as much information about your game installation and your computer as possible when submitting a bug so that we're able to track down the cause of the issues easier. Select the correct version and leave the milestone empty. Please include your output_log.txt from the Wilderness_Data folder, the log files inside the Data/Logs folder, along with any screenshots or videos if possible. The Console.SystemInfo.txt file is not required if you wish to keep some details about your computer private, but it may hinder us tracking down certain bugs due to a lack of hardware information. If applicable, please use the co-ordinates at the top left of the screen (X/Y/Z) to inform us to a location.

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