What is this?

This is a small, lightweight test to benchmark differences between Ogre 1.9 and Ogre 2.0


  • This test has only been tested using MSVC 2008 Express Editions.
  • You're gonna need Ogre 1.9 rev 4667 (20ab4164d953)
  • And/Or Ogre 2.0 rev 4705 (9b2694d1f8e3)

First you need to setup your dependencies. Go to the Dependencies folder, and open "Modify_then_MAKE_DEPENDENCIES.bat" in your favourite text editor. Look for line ~32-33 and modify what's written with the path to your Ogre root folder. Save the file and execute the bat file. It's going to ask for root privileges to create symbolic links to that path. You can later modify the .bat file to switch between Ogre versions (or because you moved the location) but make sure to delete the shared link "Dependencies\Ogre" first, otherwise it won't work.

Then open the solution in scripts/OgreTest.sln and compile!

Macros: Different tests

There are four macros: ROTATE_CUBES: Define it to see the cubes being rotated HW_BASIC: Define it to test HW Basic Instancing TEST_STATIC_SCENE: Whether to use SCENE_STATIC or SCENE_DYNAMIC in Ogre 2.0 (applies to both instancing & entities). Static objects can't move or rotate. OGRE_1xTEST: Define when compiling against Ogre 1.x (due to different function arguments)


There's no installation. Just run OgreTest.exe in the bin folder after compiling. If you ran the batch script successfully, Ogre DLLs should've been copied. Only OgreOverlay, D3D9 RS and Ogre Dlls are required.

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