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The settings for periodic assume that the systems are well-monitored and decidedly drop notifications for items that are in a monitoring already.

Note it's not possible to configure freebsd periodic to only send security info on actual issues. There's some (documented) bugs in the security scripts with only partial fixes that make them ignore the respective settings.


Main goal in the freebsd-update adjustments was to make "freebsd-update IDS" display no false positives. In default configuration it is utterly useless because it alerts on changes of files that get changed by i.e. the installation process. I have extended the list based on what I see modified in a basic install combined with what gets changed in almost any setup. (i.e. ntp.conf)

For freebsd-update you might want a different path to store the backup kernel.


What I have in (Check_MK) monitoring is descriped pretty extensively at it's own wiki page: