A simple library that converts 'markdownified' html document back to markdown syntax

* Usage: 
	std::string markdown = Html2Markdown::Convert(DOC, LENGTH[, Configuration])

* Notice:
	The result may not exactly the same as the original document as the converter only emits part of the markdown syntax. 
	UL -> Configuration.listmark
	OL -> [1-N].
	em -> Configuration.emmark
	strong -> Configuration.strongmark * 2
	code -> ' or ''
	pre+code -> \t
	blockquote -> > 
	a -> [text](link, "title")
	img -> ![alt](image, "title")
	p -> text + \n\n
	tb/tr/tl -> keep the same

* Limitations:
	Only html tags that specified in the markdown documentation will be converted
	Only part of html escape characters will not be converted

* Known Issues: