IMDBReview_NaiveBayes / readme

This is a experimental python project that extracts IMDB reviews for a movie, classifies them and generate a result html file
The project is based on the programming assignments in **Udacity CSC 101 class** and **Stanford NLP class**
The script is also used as a plugin in my term project for my Distributed System class this semster

To Train:

To Classify:

The files in the lists directory is the movie lists I used to train the NaiveBayes classifier, they come from random titles in
	* IMDB Top 250 (
	* IMDB Bottom 100 (
	* New York Times The Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made (

Trained data is stored in trained.raw as a plain text file

* Future Works:
	Try other algorithms to improve the accuracy
	Make a online version
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