JS Quickcheck Features

- Listener UI's for Firebug, Firebug Lite (cross browser), and Rhino 
- Arbitrary generators are objects with fields arb and shrink (to add
  shrinking support later. The field shrink is optional and interpreted as 'null' if not present).
- Nice stable of generators available out of the box.
- arbArray to generate an arbitrary JS array.
- arbSelect to uniformly select one of the given generators
- arbNull which will always return 'null'
- arbNullOr generator returning null or the given generators return
  value (probability for null is 0.1)
- implemented 'classify' and 'collect' (see selfcheck.js for example)
- implemented simple shrinking strategies for primitive types
- arbArray has an optional second parameter setting its shrinking strategy 
- runrhino.js to tests so one can run selfcheck from command line by
  'rhino runrhino.js'
- implemented expectException property modifier

- start some kind of documentation

Build Documentation:

In order to build the documentation you will need:

- jsdoc toolkit ( 
  It is recommended to set the JSDOCDIR environment variable

- jsdoc simple template (
  just copy 'jsdoc-simple' directory to jsdoc toolkit's template directory

- run './mkdoc' shell command (needs *nix shell).

qc.js was originally written by Darrin Thompson with extensive contributions
from Steffen Siering.