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+- every generator must be an object
+- must contain field 'arb', which is a function which will generate a value
+  for a given 'seed'
+- generators may have field 'shrink' to support shrinking.
+- if 'shrink' is not defined it is assumed to be 'null'. In either case 
+  the generator will not support shrinking
+- shrinking function must return new Array of possible shrinked values.
+- input to shrinking function is the 'seed' and the generated value to be
+  shrinked


+## What is QuickCheck ##
+bla bla bla...
 	//d: "JsDoc",
-    d: 'docs',
+    d: 'doc',
 	a: true,
 	r: 10,
-	x: "js"
+	x: "js",
+    docs: {
+        content: [
+          {src:'documentation/intro.pdc',
+           preprocess:'pandoc',
+           title: 'Introduction'},
+          {src:'documentation/generators.pdc',
+           preprocess:'pandoc',
+           title: 'Generators'},
+          {src:'documentation/example/basicuse.html',
+           title: 'Example'}
+        ]}
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