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Merge Jeff's PDF image fixes.

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 	if grep 'Reference.*undefined' $(@:.pdf=.log); then exit 1; fi
-pdf/hgbook.pdf: $(sources) $(image-sources:%.svg=%_pdf.png) examples
+pdf/hgbook.pdf: $(sources) $(image-sources:%.svg=%.pdf) examples
 	$(call pdf)
 html: html/onepage/hgbook.html html/split/hgbook.html
 beta/%.tex: %.tex
 	./fblinks $(hg_id) $(dir $@) $<
-beta/pdf/hgbook.pdf: $(sources:%.tex=beta/%.tex) $(image-sources:%.svg=%_pdf.png) examples fblinks
+beta/pdf/hgbook.pdf: $(sources:%.tex=beta/%.tex) $(image-sources:%.svg=%.pdf) examples fblinks
 	$(call pdf)
 beta/html/onepage/hgbook.html: $(sources:%.tex=beta/%.tex) $(image-sources:%.svg=%.png) examples
 %.png: %.svg
 	inkscape -D -e $@ $<
-# Produce 300dpi PNGs for PDF.
+# Produce eps & pdf for the pdf
-%_pdf.png: %.svg
-	inkscape -D -d 300 -e $@ $<
+%.pdf: %.eps
+	epstopdf $<
+%.eps: %.svg
+	inkscape -D -E $@ $<
 examples: examples/.run
 	echo -n $(hg_id) > build_id.tex
-	rm -rf beta html pdf *.eps *.png *.aux *.dvi *.log *.out \
+	rm -rf beta html pdf *.eps *.pdf *.png *.aux *.dvi *.log *.out \
 		examples/*.out examples/.run build_id.tex

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 large following among open source software developers.
 Quilt manages a \emph{stack of patches} on top of a directory tree.
-To begin, you tell quilt to manage a directory tree; it stores away
-the names and contents of all files in the tree.  To fix a bug, you
-create a new patch (using a single command), edit the files you need
-to fix, then ``refresh'' the patch.  
+To begin, you tell quilt to manage a directory tree, and tell it which
+files you want to manage; it stores away the names and contents of
+those files.  To fix a bug, you create a new patch (using a single
+command), edit the files you need to fix, then ``refresh'' the patch.
 The refresh step causes quilt to scan the directory tree; it updates
 the patch with all of the changes you have made.  You can create
-  \grafix{mq-stack}
+  \includegraphics{mq-stack}
   \caption{Applied and unapplied patches in the MQ patch stack}