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 	files in the working directory, it will refuse to create a new
 	patch unless the <option
 	  role="hg-ext-mq-cmd-qnew-opt">-f</option> option is used
-	(see below).  This behaviour allows you to <command
+	(see below).  This behavior allows you to <command
 	  role="hg-ext-mq">qrefresh</command> your topmost applied
 	patch before you apply a new patch on top of it.</para>
       <para id="x_608">By default, the <command role="hg-ext-mq">qpop</command>
 	command will not pop any patches if the working directory has
-	been modified.  You can override this behaviour using the
+	been modified.  You can override this behavior using the
 	<option role="hg-ext-mq-cmd-qpop-opt">-f</option> option,
 	which reverts all modifications in the working