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       the background and receives notifications from the
       <literal>inotify</literal> subsystem.  It also listens for
       connections from a regular Mercurial command.  The extension
-      modifies Mercurial's behaviour so that instead of scanning the
+      modifies Mercurial's behavior so that instead of scanning the
       filesystem, it queries the daemon.  Since the daemon has perfect
       information about the state of the repository, it can respond
       with a result instantaneously, avoiding the need to scan every
     <para id="x_520">When you're using the <literal
 	role="hg-ext">inotify</literal> extension, you should notice
       <emphasis>no difference at all</emphasis> in Mercurial's
-      behaviour, with the sole exception of status-related commands
+      behavior, with the sole exception of status-related commands
       running a whole lot faster than they used to.  You should
       specifically expect that commands will not print different
       output; neither should they give different results. If either of
       purpose of the series of changes you're sending.</para>
-      <title>Changing the behaviour of patchbombs</title>
+      <title>Changing the behavior of patchbombs</title>
       <para id="x_53b">Not every project has exactly the same conventions for
 	sending changes in email; the <literal
 	    option.  This takes one argument, the email address to
-	<listitem><para id="x_53e">The default behaviour is to send unified diffs
+	<listitem><para id="x_53e">The default behavior is to send unified diffs
 	    (see <xref linkend="sec:mq:patch"/> for a
 	    description of the
 	    format), one per message.  You can send a binary bundle