Disaster Maps

version 4

changelog 4.01

  • proxy now handles failure of external feeds and returns cached content with HTTP statusCode 417 (Expectation Failed)
  • front-end handles above 417 errors
  • front-end has been refactored
  • v4.x article embed generator:

changelog 4.00

  • no UGC component
  • simplified proxy-cache
  • rewritten to use leaflet.js
  • rewritten to use NSW RFS geojson and VIC CFA rubbish.json (client side parsing - thanks Andy!)
  • versioned path to assets
  • migrated to ddj AWS box with new location: /interactive/shared/disaster-maps/x.xx
  • URL query based simple config
  • single HTML file across multiple instances with different configurations (focused location / feed)
  • Workflow: Grunt

How to use

This map is designed to be embedded into articles via <iframe>. Simply append the following parameters to the iframe's src to configure its behaviour:

  • s = state nsw | vic
  • t = cache-time in seconds, mimimum 60 (values set to less than 60 are ignored and feed will be cached for 60 seconds)
  • c = coordinates as lat,lng
  • z = zoom as integer


NB: /php/emergency-feed-proxy.php takes the state and cache time arguments passed on from the JS file.


The map talks to emergency-feed-proxy,.php which includes the following functionality:

  • fetch third party feed at user defined intervals
  • write feed to ../feeds/
  • return cached feed file
  • handle third party errors (see changlog 4.01)

Dev environment

Use Grunt. Develop in src/, build to dist/x.xx