main / Source / WebClient / Web.DataLayer / Scripts / DocumentStore.sql

Naethra D 3ee1b94 

Drop TABLE [dbo].[DocumentStore]

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[DocumentStore]
    [Id] INT IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL , 
    [Title] NVARCHAR(1000) NOT NULL, 
    [Description] NVARCHAR(MAX) NULL, 
    [Size] FLOAT NOT NULL, 
    [Status] NVARCHAR(200) NOT NULL, 
    [Metadata] NVARCHAR(MAX) NULL, 
    [Identifier] NVARCHAR(150) NULL, 
    [Citation] NVARCHAR(1000) NULL, 
    [UserId] INT NOT NULL, 
    [Filename] NVARCHAR(1000) NOT NULL, 
    [FileData] VARBINARY(MAX) NULL, 
    [FileId] NVARCHAR(200) NULL, 
    CONSTRAINT [FK_DocumentStore_User] FOREIGN KEY ([UserId]) REFERENCES [User]([Id]), 
    CONSTRAINT [PK_DocumentStore] PRIMARY KEY ([Id])
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