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WebApp_ProgrammersGuide.pdf 314.6 KB 64
Addin_UsersGuide.pdf 1.2 MB 119
DataUpReport.pdf 391.1 KB 67
DataUpGovernance.pdf 36.9 KB 63
DataUpTest.pdf 385.7 KB 58
PracticeData.xlsx 115.0 KB 41
Add-in-InstallationGuide_byMicrosoft.pdf 197.4 KB 151
DataUp_Dev_Guide-17Sep2012.pdf 584.4 KB 77
DataUp_API_Guide-17Sep2012.pdf 149.9 KB 56
DataUp-findingYourData.pdf 1016.8 KB 31
DataUpReleaseNotes.pdf 417.9 KB 74 1.0 MB 796
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